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Leigh Hayworth

Oh, I love, love, love, Fairy Boy!! I think that is just his name...I am liking Fairy Boy for sure!!

Leigh Hayworth

Okay, the hands didn't freak me out!! I think they are really neat addition to the garden!!


i think the fairy boy needs a name :)


Does Fairy Boy have a sibling? I love him!


As soon as I get my indian brave statue placed.....I'll send pics!


Thank you Linda. Actually this was Alyce's post.....her sun garden is to die would really enjoy her hybiscus. I think the hands are a hoot and a half!

Linda Snyder

I love your treasures, Karen. Hope to see them in their habitat one of these days. Am enjoying your blog a bunch. I miss Hibibcus...don't see much of it around here, but I can meander through breathtaking orchards in bloom that make it all OK. I love you girl.

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